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Friday, June 14, 2024

Strategic Plan

2017-2021 Lady Dunn Health Centre Strategic Plan (» Email us for a copy)

A Message from Lady Dunn Health Centre's Board Chair and CEO

We are pleased to present the Lady Dunn Health Centre's Strategic Plan 2017- 2021. The strategic plan provides a road map of how the organization will accomplish its mission and continually strive towards attaining the vision over the next four years.

Championed by a steering committee of Directors, the development of the new strategic plan has been progressive. This plan has been brought to life from a review of the previous plan where successes and opportunities for continued growth were identified. The planning process involved engagement of staff, physicians, and leaders; in addition, future engagement of our clients and families, volunteers, partners and the community will take place as we continue to shape this road map.

The current health care landscape is complex; thus the plan is designed to be responsive as Ontario moves towards health system transformation.

While remaining fiscally sound, the themes within our plan are: quality improvement within our system, strengthening of our organization and maintaining and seeking collaborative partnerships. The plan and our services are positioned to align with the North East Local Health Integration Network's Integrated Health Service Plan for 2016-2019. We will work to create access, partner to increase care coordination as evidenced in our role with the North Algoma Health link and ensure that the decisions that we make today enables sustainability for the future.

Our strategicplan 2017 - 2021 describes where we want to go and how we expect to get there. Please join us on our journey of achieving our vision: Excellent health carefor every one, every day.


Lina Rody
​Board Chair, Board of Directors

Kadean Ogilvie-Pinter
CEO & Director of Patient Care

Who We Are

The LDHC located in Wawa, Ontario on the north east shore of Lake Superior is a state of the art multi service facility. We serve a total catchment population of approximately 4,300 residents which includes the communities and surrounding areas of Dubreuilville, Hawk Junction, Michipicoten First Nation, Missanabie, Wawaand White River. Other services on site which operate as separate entities are the Wawa Family Health Team, NELHIN Home and Community Care and the Paramedic Services of Algoma.

Programs, Services & Affiliation

  • Acute Care (10 beds)
  • Respite Care (2 beds)
  • 24/7 Emergency Department
  • Virtual Critical Care
  • Cancer Care
  • Out Patient Laboratory Services
  • North Algoma Diabetes Education
  • Foot Care
  • Dietitian Services
  • Long Term Care (16 beds)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Ontario Telemedicine Network
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • North Algoma Counselling Services
  • Nurse Practitioner Program
  • Surgical Day Services
  • Visiting Specialist Program
  • Palliative Suite and Program
  • LDHC Auxiliary
  • LDHC Foundation
  • Dubreuilville Nursing Station
  • Missanabie Visiting Nurse Practitioner Program

The Driving Force Through to 2021

Feedback from the internal engagement sessions served as a catalyst to re-examine the vision and the mission statements to ensure that quality
client care is a priority and that clear direction is given to staff members, clinicians and volunteers. Through this plan, the Lady Dunn Health Centre
iscommitted to client engagement, and not simply providing care for clients, but providing care with clients.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Vision Statement

Excellent health carefor every one, every day.

Mission Statement

To provideour communities with high quality health services.

Our Values

Values are the standards that influenceevery aspect of our lives and provide direction to decisions made by our organization.

Respect: We value the dignity and uniqueness of every individual. We demonstrate fairness and consistency in our interactions.

Trust: Wevaluereliability, dependability and are accountable for our actions.

Integrity: We value professional and ethical conduct. Honesty and openness are the hallmarks of the way we conduct our business.

Compassion: Werespond to needs of others with empathy and concern.

Inclusiveness: We value people with diverse backgrounds, cultures, skills, beliefs and attitudes.

Strategic Directions and Goals

The strategic directions and their goals will be monitored regularly by the leadership team and Board of Directors. rogress will be reported to the communities we serve to sustain transparency and accountability. In addition, an environmental scan will be conducted annually to ensure that we are headed in the right direction.

Strategic Goal #1

Focus on quality in delivering our services 

In focusing on quality we hold ourselves to the highest standards by ensuring that we deliver care based on evidence based best practices and by always putting clients first. To do this we will:

  • Review, revise, and resource processes to ensure quality results.
  • Implement and consistently apply quality standards and checks.
  • Deliver services to meet the linguistic and cultural needs of Francophones, First Nations, and Indigenous People.
  • Explore delivery of services to diverse groups.

Strategic Goal #2

Strengthen the organization

Strengthening the organization is crucial to resiliency and ensuring a sustainable health system. To do this we will:

  • Revisit the organizational structure to create capacity for the future.
  • Develop a project/change management methodology to use consistently.
  • Develop strategies to communicate effectively within the organization.
  • Provideahealthy and safework environment.

Strategic Goal #3

Ensure sufficient staff to deliver services, and support staff in doing their best

With our vision and mission positioned to inspire staff, all will strive for excellence. All staff members are accountable for creating a harmonious, safe and healthy work environment which will serve to attract and retain talent. To do this we will:

  • Develop and maintain a talent management plan; included will be planned retirements, succession and recruitment strategies.
  • Advance the scope of registered staff.
  • Plan for training and deliver it according to the plan.

Strategic Goal #4

Integrate and partner with others to better serve our community 

Through partnerships and collaboration we lead and participate in the development of a high performing health care system locally, regionally and province wide. To do this we will:

  • Participate in the development and operations of the North Algoma Health Link.
  • Explore the organization of a North Algoma Rural Health Hub.
  • Participate in initiatives to develop or enhance services to meet community needs (e.g. supported housing for seniors).

Strategic Goal #5

Seek and optimize financial resources

With the ever changing healthcare landscape, efficient and effective financial management is paramount. We shall seek to ensure that resources can be maximized; to do this we will:

  • Capitalizeon funded regional and Ministry opportunities as they arise (e.g. outpatient laboratory services, Meditech 6.1, palliative care, CCAC transition to the NELHIN, etc.)
  • Increase the capacity and engagement of managers in developing and monitoring/managing their budgets.
  • Review contracted-out services to ensure that they are meetings needs and contractual requirements.
  • Use performance indicators to support the allocation of resources.

Strategic Plan Road Map

Task MRP
1. Executive Committee approval of the Strategic Planning Process. Prepare recommendation to put forth to the Board. Executive Committee
2. Board Approval of the Strategic Planning Process Board
3. Board Approval of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee Terms of Reference Board
4. Kick off Meeting CEO
5. Get ready and get organized. Determine organizational readiness.  
6. Identify the information which must be collected to help make sound decisions.
7. Background statement / history
7.1 When was the hospital formed and why? What key changes have occurred since then? How is the hospital governed and staffed? What are your programs and services? Who are your funders?
8. Clients
8.1 Who are your Clients? Who do you serve?
9 Management, Board, and Staff
9.1 Outline the structure of the organization. List who is who-Org Chart
9.2 Identify external agencies, stakeholder, partners
10. Review Strategic Position – Gather data to understand the critical issues. Focus Groups
11. Organizational Tenets
11.1 Vision
11.2 Mission
11.3 Values
Individual Programs, Steering Committee
12. Environmental scan – internal and external
12.1 Internal strengths and weaknesses
12.2 External opportunities and threats
12.3 Opportunities through satisfaction surveys
12.4 Synthesize into a SWOT analysis
Steering Committee
13. SWOT Analysis
13.1 Strengths
13.2 Weaknesses
13.3 Opportunities
13.4 Threats
Board Engagement
14. Major Goals-determine long-term goals/objectives Steering Committee
15. Specific Objectives – Establish SMART short-term goals/objectives and the results to achieve. Steering Committee
16. Evaluation
16.1 Summative Evaluation Development
16.2 Formative Evaluation Development
Steering Committee
17. Strategic Plan Approval Board

18. Implement Strategic Plan

19. Evaluation  

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Lady Dunn Health Centre cares about Accessibility

Lady Dunn Health Centre will make written information and other forms of communication accessible, upon request. Please call us: 705-856-2335 (toll-free: 1-866-832-3321), or email us:

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