Your Hospital Stay

The cafeteria located on the upper level of the facility provides staff and clients with a variety of healthy meals at affordable pricing. 

Hours of Operation: Daily 7am - 6pm

Additional information:
705 856-2335 ext. 3303 

Hand washing is the single most important procedure you can follow to help minimize risk of infection. Be sure to wash your hands frequently and encourage your visitors to do the same. Waterless hand sanitizer dispensers are installed in patient doorways and high traffic areas.

Infection Control
The Lady Dunn Health Centre is committed to providing the safest possible care to you. One of the ways we ensure this is through a special monitoring program to detect antibiotic-resistant germs, fever and pneumonia. You may be asked to have some tests done as part of this program. If you have questions ask your health care provider. 

Latex-Free Policy
The Lady Dunn Health Centre is aware of allergies associated to latex. In all efforts to provide the safest care to our patients, latex balloons are banned from the Health Centre.

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